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Covid Puppy

Is it a good time to welcome a new puppy into your family?

Since the pandemic started people have been isolated and lonely and have looked to getting a puppy to fill the void of social interaction and to bring joy and comfort into their home. Maybe you have been thinking about getting a dog for awhile but the time was never right, but now seems the perfect time. For others, depression and mental health reasons have prompted them to look for a canine companion.

Whatever the reason, one needs to consider the dog and what will happen post-covid. This puppy, who has had your undivided attention while you have been working from home, will be in for quite a change when you go back to the office. Please take this into consideration before purchasing a dog. Will it be convenient when the pandemic is over and you want to travel and socialize? Will this be fair to your puppy, having spent the first 6 to 18 months of their life with you constantly by their side? If you were thinking a puppy wasn’t convenient before Covid then consider if your life will be different after Covid and whether a puppy will still work for your lifestyle. Just some things to ponder before jumping in.

Once you have your new puppy, be sure to train them so that when you do have to leave them alone they will not suffer from separation anxiety. Practice leaving your puppy alone several times a day. Start with 5 minutes, then 10 etc. gradually increasing until you are away for a full 4-5 hours. I never recommend chihuahuas to homes where they will be alone for 8 hours a day but 4-5 hours is reasonable. Have a safe enclosure for your puppy so that they can have access to food and water and a pee pad and a few toys to play with. By getting them accustomed to being alone for periods of time, they should have a much easier transition when the time comes. A well trained chihuahua will be content to wait for your return and will greet you enthusiastically when you come home.

Having a furry family member, especially a chihuahua, is such a blessing during these Covid times, but we must remember that they are a lifetime commitment.

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